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since his family thinks he may be in omaha. >>> she had proved she paid her dmv fees on line, why did not hurt tag show up for 10 months what you should never do when using your banks online bill pay. >>> a recluse who died with a surprising secret, $7 million worth of gold coins in his house ,, i'm so glad you called. thank you. we're not in london, are we? no. why? apparently my debit card is. what? i know. don't worry, we have cancelled your old card. great. thank you. in addition to us monitoring your accounts for unusual activity, you could also set up free account alerts. okay. [ female announcer ] at wells fargo we're working around the clock to help protect your money and financial information. here's your temporary card. welcome back. how was london? [ female announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far. ♪ [ chirping ] [ chirping ] ♪ [ chirping ] ♪ [ male announcer ] audi a4 drivers have spoken. [ engine revs ] and they ranked the a4 highest in total quality index in its class. [ chirps ] ♪ >>> bay area man who vanished on a cross-country and track trip to visit fam
firefighter boarded a amtrak train to montreal and not seen since his family thinks he may be in omaha. >>> she had proved she paid her dmv fees on line, why did not hurt tag show up for 10 months what you should never do when using your banks online bill pay. >>> a recluse who died with a surprising secret, $7 million surprising secret, $7 million worth of gold coins in his house maybe i'll give mine a name. something hot. ya know, i could name it the dragon, or the green machine. oh! i'm british racing green, actually. just to show i appreciate all...uh, turtle does. turtle? turtle gets me to work, to school... no, no, i'm a cool car. so i always fill up with chevron with techron. oh. well in that case, yeah, i am cool, after all. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. actually, turtle's not bad. >>> bay area man who vanished on a cross-country and track trip to visit family missing for, for days now charles stout expected in chicago when the train arrived he was not on board reporter christin ayers on his family's efforts
an amtrak train to montreal and not seen since. his family thinks she may be in omaha >>> here's my check >>> she had prove she paid her dmv fees on mont why did teared tat did not chihuahua for 10 months what you should ne >>> a bay area man who vanished on a cross-country and track trip has been missing four days now charles dow expected in chicago friday when the train arrived it was not on board appeared christin ayers on his family's efforts to find him. >>> charlie doubt boarded the train in an revell he is from san the tale he was on the trend for couple of days and expected to arrive chicago thursday morning on his way to montreal. his bags and cellphones arrived but he did not. >>> married 45 years i know him he would call >>> he has not called the only calls she has received have been from her children hundreds of miles away the of launched a facebook page and search effort for six to nine year-old charlie doubt a retired san mateo firefighter who boarded and amtrak train in an revell and vanished going to montreal. his luggage and medication left the board. >>> he talked with m
. >> he is a character. my dad is a character. if people have seen him in nebraska, and in omaha, along the train route, feel like they would remember him, and the more we can get his picture and we also started a facebook page, find charlie dowd. i feel like if people see it, they'll remember him. >> ama: she is on her way to omaha right now. this is the facebook page. charlie dowd suffers from high blood pressure and is die -- diabetic. >> alan: tomorrow is the jars of the good evening of the "occupy" movement a year ago and protests are planned across the country in new york, demonstrators plan to march on wall street. it start as a protest against economic and social inequality but soon snowballed into a sometimes violent protest against everything work with -- wrong with the world. a protest is expected in san francisco tomorrow in the wells fargo bank near the barret party station, and at pg&e headquarters on market street, and another one at the war memorial on vanness. and two others are planned. >> a delay for the final flight of the space shuttle den duff vow. >> alan: how p
. his daughter is handing out flyers in omaha, nebraska. he had plans to travel on to canada to meet his son, he never made it and may have been spotted getting off the train in omaha many his daughter says he normally stays in up and she is concerned. >>> grief counselors at a pleasanton high school today to offer support following the death of a student last week. the body of 17-year-old girl was found inside a newark motel friday. the body of 24-year-old man was found with her. investigators say the two had been shot, not clear who fired the gun. pleasanton police say the 17-year-old valley high student was reported as a runaway by her mother last week. >>> still ahead, the new iphone is in high demand. the record-setting proof, just ahead. >>> new protests over an anti-muslim individual the u.s. takes steps to protect its citizens. >> a's fans get their chance to see >>> breaking news out of louisiana bomb threat prompted evacuations at louisiana state university. police are not saying much about the threat at the baton rouge campus bomb squad is at the scene and classes cancelled fo
conductor may have seen a disoriented man in omaha that matches his description. dowd son daughter flew to omaha and are passing out fliers there. canvassing the area hoping for clue. jennifer dowd is not confident that amtrak will find her father. >> because don't feel like amtrak police is open the ground actually physically loo looking for him. if he was disoriented and wandered off he could have fallen. he could be on the side of the tracks somewhere. >>reporter: charles dowd has been without his heart and bloop medicine since at least last thursday. so concern is certainly growing about his well-being. >>> san jose lacking for new cop because of the sudden resignation today of police chief chris moore. he says his decision to leave after just 19 months on the job was his alon alone. he wasn't forced out he says but the department is facing more lay off and budget cut as the violent crime rate soars in the city. and ballot measure that would have increased police department funding will be dropped. >> if i think about all decision or factor that led into it clearly our scena
is the travel forecast. 65 in minneapolis, 73 at omaha. kansas city and denver, high temperature of low 70's. the cooler air will push our way. what impactyou ourl have on us and weekend, including rainshowers. >> thank you. coming up at noon, another report extolling the health benefits of red wine. but this says the drink works best without one crucial ingredient. it's gone to be a rough weekend on metro. you which l have seven stops shut down this weekend. investigators think they have what caused this ride on bus tour crashed into a anncr: this cano's in west virginia. but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for questioion seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia. a series of earthquakes today. in southwest china they killed a p
. >>> showers in the rockies from utah down to new mexico. thunderstorms move in tonight from omaha to kansas city and st. louis. heavy rain around miami and ft. lauderdale and west palm beach. it's chilly in the carolinas. >>> 60s from chicago to new york. 70s in the central plains, 101 in phoenix. >>> and hollywood's hottest stars turned out for the emmy awards last night. and an evening filled with favoritend and quite a few upsets. >> that's right. top dramas went to "homeland." abc's brandi hitt has the highlights. >> reporter: the prime time emmy awards was a star studded night. filled with surprises. >> this is crazy. >> reporter: jon cryer couldn't believe he won best actor in a comedy, while julia dreyfuss won best actress. julie bowen and eric stonestreet won their second emmys for their supporting roles. >> i never knew i'd be on tv as a gay man. >> reporter: even host jimmy kimmel provided plenty of laughs. >> i don't think the president should be watching "homeland" for the same reason i don't think charlie sheen should be watching "breaking bad." >> reporter: breaking bad aaron
in omaha said that he seemed confused. john ramos is here on his family's frantic efforts to find him. >> all that i keep saying is " i don't know what to do ". >> she sits in her san mateo home, surrounded by technology, feeling helpless. >> i have been married 45 years, i know him, he would call. >> her husband is missing, the 69 year-old man left the emeryville amtrak station wednesday heading for montreal, his sons to him on thursday as he was leaving denver but when the train pulled into chicago the next day, charlie was not on board. the family is worried because it is medication and telephone were found on the train. >> if he was disoriented and wandered off, he could have fallen and could be on the side of the tracks somewhere. >> the families using social media to appeal for volunteers to conduct a 500 mi. search. his children arrived in omaha nebraska today to begin posting fliers. amtrak emailed a statement to the media that they are conducting an investigation, but that is not much comfort to the family. >> we don't feel like amtrak police are on the ground physically look
university. >> massachusetts. >> and creighton university in omaha, nebraska. these guys are rocking it. we just want to point out these schools are a bit smaller than the other, but they are mighty. >> look at them. >> their mascot, yes. we'll find all that out in a few minutes. >> i like watching the kids screaming, i'm enjoying it. >> brandeis is named after the u.s. supreme court justice louis brandeis. >> going insane. check it out, the total number of students here only 5,500 and 3 a. 500 undergrad. so the mascot is the judge, why wouldn't it be? >> eleanor roosevelt and leonard bernstein both taught there. >> the creighton -- was founded in 1878 by a businessman named edward creighton. it has about 7,700 students. >> and its mascot is the blue jay. >> and they're division 1 in sports, and they're rocking it. we'll check in with them in awhile. >> now, what type of a person are you? are you the type of person that when you get a little road rage you sit? first of all, i hate my lips. i knew this was not going to work out. thank you, anthony. now i'm stuck with these lips for how long?
sucediÓ en omaha nebraska, irrumpiÓ un murciÉlago que llevaba semanas en el edificio. >>> me pasÓ lo mismo en una redacciÓn, con un pÁjaro, los periodistas, camarÓgrafos, salieron huyendo, como si fuera un aviÓn de combate, no sÉ que clase de artefacto. >>> corres o no? >>> no, es un animalito chiquito, quÉ tiene de malo, que no pase por aquÍ arriba, sino me echo a tierra, adiÓs.
the cabin. >> it was very scary for >> investigators are blaming an electricaln fire. the planets from omaha, neb. to monica, california made landing in denver. mitt romney spoke to his wife by the event.e way to >> we are letting more about romney's personal finances. ago the romney campaign taxased the most recent records in 2011. as president obama targets a battleground virginia. >> for months the obama campaign s been hammering away pushing romney'selease of mitt tax returns. have a clear picture of the investment income, but whether thisbate the campaign.elp the release of the tax returns -- glad he did it, because have done it eight months ago. he is a very wealthy guy. he made a lot of money. good for him. romney's return showed made $15.7 million last year d paid 1.9 $4 million in taxes. rate, 14.1%, lower than mechanic making $75,000 a would pay. >> i do not pay more than i legally do. paid more than i think that i did not would be qualified to become president. months the obama pushing mittbeen returns. release his >> hello, virginia. >> the president on friday did about romney's
between denver and chicago. >> reporter: we got this video in. charles dowd's family flew to omaha to pass out flyers at the train station, asking residents to help search for him. >> he was excited about, you know, the trip. and this is just a shocking, shocking turn of events. >> reporter: amtrak says his bag and cell phone was found on the train in chicago. as the train neared omaha a conductor reported a man acting confused. >> they won't tell us any more. if he was confused, then why didn't -- there must have been some way to monitoring him better -- monitor him better. >> reporter: his wife says he has medical issues. his medicines could cause confusion. they will continue the search tomorrow in nebraska. health and science editor john fowler ktvu channel 2 news. >> officials called off a search for a missing san francisco man who fell into the napa river yesterday during a fishing trip. he was fishing with a friend on green island. the friend who does not know thew swim is the -- know how taswim is the one who -- to swim is the one who called 911. >>> unarrest half a world away is a
called the family to say conductor may have seen a disoriented man in omaha that matches his description. dowd son daughter flew to omaha and are passing out fliers there. canvassing the area hoping for clue. jennifer dowd is not confident that amtrak will find her father. >> because don't feel like amtrak police is open the ground actually physically loo looking for him. if he was disoriented and wandered off he could have fallen. he could be on the side of the tracks somewhere. >>reporter: charles dowd has been without his heart and bloop medicine since at least last thursday. so concern is certainly growing about his well-being. >>> san jose lacking for new cop because of the sudden resignation today of police chief chris moore. he says his decision to leave after just 19 months on the job was his alon alone. he wasn't forced out he says but the department is facing more lay off and budget cut as the violent crime rate soars in the city. and ballot measure that would have increased police department funding will be dropped. >> if i think about all the decision or factor that
ago near omaha on the bus at at the conductor who said he appeared disoriented. >>> if you was disoriented and wandered off he could of fallen and could be on the side of the tracks. >>> nemesis was taking medication ft hard pines and diabetes. mid boarded that this effort in and review it and was scheduled to transfer trains in chicago. >>> chris morris is retiring after spending the last two years as chief. and a total of 30 years on the force. >>> after the announcement was made yesterday san jose city council member said he was disappointed because she's more had given the impression that he would remain for the mayor says he wishes the chief well and understands that this is a a personal decision. the chief retires in january he will have served for nearly two years as an as its top cop. he has 30 years of law enforcement and students and during his time as a chief he's had to do with budget cut spent include a levy of 65 officers last year and cutting the salary of the remaining officers by 10 percent. he downplayed speculation that he was being pushed up offshore tha
-hour debate from omaha is courtesy of ketv. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> the u.s. candidate for senate for nebraska will answer questions from a panel of journalists. please join me in welcoming the republican candidate, deb fischer -- [applause] and the democratic candidate, former u.s. senator bob kerrey. [applause] our panelists are ketv reporters. each candidate will have 90 seconds to answer. they will be given 30 seconds of rebuttal time. our audience includes guests of both candidates. we ask you to refrain from any displays of approval or disapproval and hold your applause to the end of the debate. we thank the omaha community playhouse for providing this beautiful venue. we begin with our opening statements, one a minute long each, and under rules agreed by candidates, a coin flip will determine who goes first, and that is candidate fischer. >> a little over a year ago, i began this. >> introduced myself to nebraskans as i travelled across the state. i am the wife of 40 years, mother of t
moines, omaha and kansas city. hot and dry from the rockies to texas. >> triple-digits in dallas and phoenix. 80s from miami up to new york and across much of the midwest. >>> and when we come back, organic food is harder on your wallet. but is it really better for your health? >> interesting question there. >>> also, prince harry is showing the world another side, after his nude photo scandal. >>> and later, it's "live with kelly and --". after all the rumors, the real regis replacement takes a permanent seat today. >>> welcome back, everybody. some good news to pass on this morning. gas prices should be coming down. they were at their highest ever for a labor day weekend. the average is $3.83 a gallon this morning. the increase was fueled by a shutdown in oil production along the gulf coast. all of that thanks to hurricane isaac. there were also problems with refineries and a pipeline in other parts of the country. >>> when you pay more for organic foods, are you getting what it's worth? a stanford study finds no difference between organic produce and conventional fruits and ve
sparked a fire that caused smoke to fill the cabin. mrs. romney was on a flight from omaha, nebraska, to los angeles when the problem developed. the plane landed safely in colorado. mitt romney is campaigning in nevada right now. in the meantime, the romneys have just released their tax returns for 2011. steve handelsman on capitol hill now with more on that story. steve? >> reporter: jim, thanks. ann and mitt romney's certified accountant reported the candidate paid the federal government every dollar he owed over the past 20 filing years. you'll recall when romney's taxes became an issue in the south carolina primary earlier this year, he guesstimated that in 2011 he would pay about $3 million in taxes. now it turns out under $2 million, but apparently compared to what he might have had to pay last year, he opted to pay in excess. the surprises, mitt romney decided to pay more than he legally had to in 2011 taxes. he made $13.7 million mostly from investments. he donated $4 million to charity. but he only deducted $2.25 million. so he paid $1.9 million, 14.1% in federal income taxe
of dowd. the last time he was seen reportedly was early on friday in omaha, nebraska. >> there's an unconfirmed report that a conductor spoke with him at the very early morning hours on friday morning, and so i am hoping against hope that that's a true story. >> dowd's daughter says the conductor did tell police the 69-year-old seemed a little disoriented. the family is right now traveling to omaha to circulate missing person flyers and work with police there. they also hope to set up a facebook page to try to get the word out. amtrak officials issuing a statement saying they are aware of the situation and they are working with local police stations along the train route to try to search for dowd. >>> 4:35 now. to our continuing coverage of the growing anti-american protests in the middle east. demonstrators staged several violent demonstrations in afghanistan over the weekend, including this one at kabul. protesters set fire to two vehicles and attacked several compounds belonging to a security firm. similar protests are happening where angry crowds threw rocks and chanted "de
had several encounters with dwight eisen hour. i kind of forgot about that. he came to omaha and campaigned for barry gold water, for example, in '64. when ronald reagan got elected he went down to see dwight eisenhower in the desert, palm desert. and at the time we knew that richard nixon wanted to run again in '68 and reagan was the new star on the west and there was rumors about him maybe running. so rage again went down just to spend some time with dwight eisenhower. as the limousine pulled out of the country club where they were the press scrum surrounded them and out of the car popped ronald reagan and dwight eisenhower. reagan, when you look back on it now you can see how the country gravitated to him, first in california. he was so handsome and so in command of who he was. and there was ike. and i had grown up during world war ii. he was the biggest hero of my young lifetime, the man who commanded american forces, became two-term president of the united states and the for some reason the los angeles press corps was paralyzed in place. so i stepped forward and i began
redemption? >> he doesn't, no. >> he grew up in omaha, nebraska, along with his twin brother and three sisters, in a catholic household. he graduated from creighton, university, and a writers workshop where he studied with john irving and john cheever. >> can an author have a favorite? is it like a child? >> it's like a child. >> hansen does extensive research for each novel. wonderful his best-known, "mariat in ecstasy jarks based in part on two saints in the 1800s, the story of a beautiful nun who bears the wounds of christ, the significant mata, and who is banished from her order. >> i developed this idea of the significant mata as kind of a metaphor for a passionate love affair with christ. and that was the stumbling blocks for the other nuns. i wanted to have at the heart of it a questionableness so you could read it all the way through and say, she's making up this, or you could say, she's the real thing. i didn't want to come down one way or the other. my own impression was she was the real thing. >> perhaps the clearest sense of hansen's own faith is in his novel "exiles" with
friday in omaha, nebraska. the elderly man did seemed disoriented. >>da: his wife says she cannot believe her husband of 45 years suddenly disappeared on an amtrak train bound for montreal, canada and no one noticed. she says her husband has a serious medical condition and it desperately needs his medication. there was a sip francisco firefighter from 1971-1976. deere is a picture of him holding his two children. >> this is really out of the norm. >> he was trying to visit his kids in montreal. he is a diabetic. he takes medicine for that. he also have restless legs and he does not sleep. he is an insomniac. >> once he got on the train as is the space station family members say he checked in with them. >> family members say amtrak told them a thorough search was conducted in his cell phone was found in a sleeping car but there is no sign of the 69 year-old. his luggage also arrived at the chicago train station without him. >> the libyan government says they have arrested 50 people in conjunction with an attack that killed four. the libyan president claims that the attack is p
been spotted getting off the train in omaha. his daughter says he normally stays in touch. >> he does have medical needs and does need his medication for high blood pressure and heart disease and he is diabetic. but you know for medical reasons we obviously need to know where he is. >> this is a facebook page created called "find charlie dowd." jennifer is meeting her brother where they will pass out pictures of her dad. kira klapper will have more in the next hour. >>> it has been six months since a morgan hill teenager disappeared on her way to school. sierra lamar has not been seen since march 16th. lilian kim has the story from morgan hill. >> reporter: they spent six months grieving, searching and hoping that's how long 15-year-old sierra lamar has been missing. >> it is a long, longtime, too long. heartbreaking. >> reporter: to commemorate the sixth month anniversary of her disappearance, friends, family and volunteers took a balloon each wrote a personal message to her. >> i wrote come home, your friends and family pray everyday for you. >> reporter: she disappeared on her way
to be found. he was last seen friday in omaha nebraska by a conductor who described him as disoriented. the search has been suspended for a man who fell into the napa river. authorities say he fell off the bras those bridge. the san francisco man was fishing on the real trestle with another man when the accident happened early yesterday morning. it was the other man who called 911 for help. investigators say neither man was able to swim. the father accused of a bucking his two young children and flame on a yacht is due back in court. he could enter a plea today. police say he stole a yacht. a private school in menlo park is set to reopen today just four days after fire destroyed the administration building and a third grade classroom. investigators say the fire was caused by faulty electrical cord. deputy d.a. are expected to meet in contra costa county to decide whether to go on strike. they say they have had to take pay cuts and staffing is low because many colleagues have left for better paying positions. they had over 100 attorneys in 2006 and now there are 70 >> a tentative agreem
would call >> his two children are in omaha looking for him right now. tomorrow they will likely add to lincoln, the next top down the line >> concord police shot a man who claimed to be armed and was threatening to kill himself. it happened in the front yard of a home on a black field drive. neighbors were told to stay inside until the man was subdued. >> the man accused of kidnapping his two children and taking them out to sea appeared in a redwood city courtroom this afternoon. he did not enter a plea but he spoke out insisting his children are being neglected. the judge had ordered him to be quiet >> in menlo park school damage by fire is reopened for class this morning. dozens of parents help clean up the beach would school. fire investigators later found that the temporary building did not have a sprinkler or a fire alarm system. >> some bay area gym members are finding out a name can mean a lot. >> it looks the same outside but there is a big change, much cooler weather is outside. a beautiful shot over the city. we'll talk more about the forecast coming up >> a program,,,,,,
in omaha and he seemed disoriented. the family is now there passing out missing person flyers and rounding up volunteers to find him. >> the fact that we have not heard from him is not in his character. he would not vanish and not call us. >> dad takes medication for diabetes and heart problems and he suffers from restless leg syndrome. several gyms in the bayi are cutting ties with the gold's gym. they are going by fitness sf, the ceo donated money to american cross roads. the group was founded by carl remove and has strong anti-reggae vianti-gay views. the multi-million find in a man's closet and how it's changing a woman's life. presidential candidate mitt r romney is in hot water over what he said in a fundraiser and no no place to call home. >> good evening, i'm in the weather center. cooler start, down to 78 today. that is leading the colder temperatures right now, with isolated 40s. we will let you know what it means for the morning forecast and your seven day. >> tonight, mitt romney is doing damage control after comments he made in private fundraiser was made public. he is heard t
today, the flight from omaha to los angeles touched down safely in denver after a fire filled the cabin with smoke everyone is ok romney landed in southern california a few hours a gallon. >>> are you the first in your group to own and i phone 5? the biggest customer complaint >>> we were in miami two days >>> when airlines mess up the give vouchers why you might not want to use them. >>> was otherwise 10 hours left of summer fall begins tomorrow somebody forgot to tell mother nature and it is dry on the radar. forecast next. >>> crews set found the body of a retired firefighter from centel charlie dowd disappeared last week and a train ride to chicago a railroad worker spotted the body in nebraska amtrak officials told the families body a family's said doubt took medication and 80 and disoriented >>> a tiger mauling at a new york zoo but might bend intentional a 25 year-old man jumped off a rock climb to fences and headed straight into the path of the 400 lb. tiger. >>> that is that somebody could get to that point to jump in with the tigers i'll be gets help the needs >>> the man suff
, and there were no injuries. mrs. romney was on her way from omaha to santa monica. she arrived in los angeles a few hours later. the f.a.a. is investigating. >>> a jail lock down from a case of tuberculosis was lifted. they locked down a section of the facility in redwood city to prevent a possible spread of the illness. two inmates were dying -- diagnosed with active cases of tb. the couple with over crowding conditions housed new inmates. the women who were infected were isolated and taken to an outside medical facility for treatment. >>> a saddening to the search for a retired san francisco firefighter who disappeared during a train trip to canada. the body of charlie dowd was found in nebraska. the san mateo man was traveling cross country to visit family when he vanished. amtrak officials believe he may have fallen from the train. his family is devastated, but they are grateful for the many prayers and support they received during their search. >>> a mu rine county man died in a bizarre climbing accident in utah. he lived in novato and he is a retired neurosurgeon at ucsf. he died on tue
this... a newteam ends up on the other side of the camera when a bat iades their newsroom in omaha, nebraa. "oh my god!.. hahaha." hahaha."aprently, the bat had been hiding in the building for weeks before makiig a very unwelcome appearance this weekend.staff members and a woman from the mane society swatted at the creature for about an hour. finally the station's grapcs guy knncked it out with a box 3 "sveral times, i felt like my life was completely in dger." "i don't le bats. they belong outside. they don't belong in my newsro." 3 for the record, the bat, now in protective custody, is expectedo be okay. it did end up a little dazed and confused though. --toss to vytas-- vytas-- 3 follow the weather using our powerful doppler rar...// i--radar is now avaable at foxbaltimore dot com.../// ed reed makes nfl history against the bengals...the record he broke with this in sports unlimited... in sports unlimited... at what age is theolor that yo skin was meant toe no longer beautiful? evy year, millns wh and say they'd die fodarker skin. sadly,
team ended up on the other side of the camera when a bat invitedded their newsroom in omaha, nebraska. >> the bat had been hiding for weeks before making a unwelcome appearance. >> it jumps out. you see the result. it swooped down from the ceiling and began an hour long reign of terror. terror i tell you. it was quite comical to boot. potentially dangerous for sure, so they had to call in animal control. >> i felt like my life was in danger. >> it's sad. just a >> the bat is in protective okay. they plan to release it in to the wild. you have a thing with frogs, lynette. where do bats fall? >> probably second. they are gross. their faces. they are nasty. can't stand them. they are supposed to be in caves, not newsrooms. let's talk about now, looking at clear skies this morning, with that, the temperatures dropping off, we are chilly out there. i'm going call it chilly. i get cold quickly. you need to grab the jacket as you head out the door. 57 degrees, reisterstown, baltimore 61, 62 annapolis. 64 cambridge. chester town 57. we should be at 60 for a low temperature for this time of th
in the plains. 103 degrees in oklahoma city. 97 in omaha. even 90 in minneapolis. 90-degree heat tomorrow and on thursday probably moving into friday but things will change as we go into the weekend. the rain will be right back in the region. right now, 79 in detroit, 79 in raleigh/durham. no major features discernible here and nor any remedy can find of isaac. it is somewhere, but i do not know where it is. very tropical for the next few days when those other chances of showers and storms. this is coming for in the afternoon, a good bet tomorrow. some isolated stuff behind this on thursday, and then another dry day. cooler temperatures and rain. tomorrow a little bit of sunshine, warm humid showers and thunderstorms likely in the afternoon and evening, and then a dry day on friday. it will then turn cooler with showers for saturday and sunday. >> but toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers moving you forward. >> just under one hour from now. >> exactly right, and everything now accounts. it is like a double. down at the ballpark with jackson. the nationals. stephe
is a quick look at the trouble for test. notice the key to our west. omaha is up to 87 degrees and minneapolis is a little bit warmer than us. some of that warm air will start migrating our way and i will let you know how that will change things around here coming right up. >> police are investigating after two people were shot in annapolis after 11:30 last night. one man was shot in the back and was taken to the hospital. the other man was shot in the head and was taken to the shock trauma center in critical condition. a gas line was struck by a stray bullet but the crews shut off the gas that there is no word of any explosion. there is no word on any suspect. >> it is a landmark day for fairfax hospital. they laid the building blocks for new 655,000 square foot space that will be dedicated to the care of women and children. this is what the center will look like when it is finished. prominence because attended the ceremony this morning. >> michael brown is facing an important deadline today. he has to account for all campaign receipts and expenses through august 10 which is t
, nashville, philadelphia, omaha and phoenix. >>> back to the news this morning. new questions being raise about the safety of air shows after another deadly crash over the weekend. >> officials are trying to figure out what caused an experienced pilot to plunge to the ground. >> reporter: it was a spectacular, trouble-free flight until this. >> oh, it just crashed. >> reporter: flying in tight formation in iowa, this soviet-era secret branks to the ground, never recovering. again smith, a veteran pilot, was killed. >> he went nose down into the ground and burst into flames. >> reporter: since 1988, air show accidents have killed 100 350i89s and perform mers. here in colorado, a terrible crash that killed 20 people back in the '50s led to phew rules. planes must stay 500 to 1500 feet away from crowds and avoid flying toward people. >> there hasn't been a spectator fatality since 1952. >> reporter: but there are new rules when it comes to the world of air races. after this crash last september. a p-51 mustang slams into the crowd in reno, nevada. 11 people were killed. federal investigators
a bit of moisture from minneapolis westna of omaha down through denver.h . would you believe tonight first snow possible above 11,000 people in the rockies?th they could get 4-8 inches. that's the front that's comingt' in our direct.s ct notify how it's dropping the temperatures behind it. when you of 94 in wichita, and 53 in denver, something chilly is coming. c and that's the front that willth be here and probably keep thepr temperatures obgoing in a comfortable direction.coor we're about 82 degrees tomorrow, friday, about 11, again, we talked about a -- 81, again, we 1,talked about a couple showers. saturday and sunday, not bad. if we have showers left over,hoe they would be in the overnight hours. so so far, so good.. next week could be unsettled, including monday, tuesday, and wednesday.y. not sure how much rain we'll get, but that frontal boundaryfr will be the first kind of waveo in bringing the jetstream in a dip. >> thanks. >>> last night another case of a nats ofbench player, coming up p when it mattered the most. s som. but this president cannot tell us that you
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. here's the travel forecast minneapolis. , 61 today. omaha, 64. 77 in kansas city. that's where the cold front currently resides. that is pushing east. that will make it here tomorrow, along with a palm of moisture from the gulf of mexico. bad and a lot of wind shear in our atmosphere will likely cause serious of severe storms. we will talk about it coming up. >> d.c. police on the lookout for a very young suspect. they say a group of young children to commence a cellphone at a mcdonald's in northeast d.c. very young. jummy olabanji has the story. >> its crazy. >> its crazy. >> what's going on in the world? >> pretty much every customer we talked to outside its northeast mcdonald's had the same sentiment about what police a happened sunday night. >> no care for life. surround 6:30 sunday evening a customer at this mcdonald's on nannie helen burroughs avenue was approached by three young boys. there was some sort of altercation and then the victim pulled out his cellphone to call police. one of the boys grabbed it and they all ran off. what is so unusual is the robber is only six or seven
're watching us on wowt channel 6 in omaha, nebraska, get an up close look at american military uniforms from the civil war to afghanistan at worn with pride, americans in uniform. >>> thanks so much, todd. >>> and now here's an early look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. only two films look destined to make any kind of big splash this weekend at the box office. a family favorite featuring a fish played by ellen degeneres. finding neem mow 3 d. disney spent 10 million bucks polishing up its 9-year-old animated hate. it should float to the top with $30 million. yoko vish is back in the movies. a fifth film in a franchise that has earned $675 million. it should finish a strong second with at least 20348. >>> finally, one other film note, opening this weekend in limited release, "the master." a film based loosely on scientology and its founder. another strong performance by phillip see more hoffman. it's good to see wa keen phoenix back. he took time off for the bizarre reality documentary thing. >> i never understood that movie. >> you're not alone. >> i'm glad. >> a lot of people
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